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About Heba

— Passion for details

Her passion for detail and exquisite taste in colors, designs and textures, has given her an exclusive signature, to become a reference in creating events. She comes from a multicultural family, which helped her blend her knowledge in history and civilizations and her respect for traditions and virtues. This pushed Heba to become a one-of-a-kind event creator, ensuring that each client's essence is authentically reflected in every element of the event.

Heba Rumhein

Heba Rumhein

Heba Rumhein is an icon in event creation and planning in the UAE and an expert in the media field, with over 10 years of experience in turning events into inspiring experiences. In 2011, with the collaboration of MBC Group, Heba Rumhein started Eventique, an exclusive boutique, to change the face of weddings and event creation as we know it. Heba succeeded in positioning Eventique as a top event management boutique in a record breaking timeframe. In 2017 Heba establsihed The H Concepts And Events.

Heba Rumhein

Prior to The H Concepts And Events, Heba's name was already a landmark in the world of event creation, having been the director of events at Atlantis hotel as well as responsible of all the events at Madinat Jumeirah. She was also an behind the establishment of Eventique, MBC Group, and behind the launching of some of the most prestigious Ramadan tents in the region like Ajwan Ramadan Tent, Asateer Tent as well as Al Majlis tent.

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