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About The H Concepts & Events

The H Concepts And Events is an exclusive boutique managed by Mrs. Heba Rumhein with a vision to give the world of event planning a new dimension of luxury and exclusivity. Rooted in elegant details and personalized creations,The H Concepts And Events turns corporate events into impressive shows, weddings into magical fairytales, social events into magnificent memories and private parties into lavish bonds.

The H Concepts And Events distinguishes itself in the market, not only by planning events, but also by crafting every small detail with utmost originality, to give birth to holistic experiences that transcend conventions and inspire pure beauty and grandeur.The H Concepts And Events caters to an elite and sophisticated clientele looking for a personalized treatment and an unprecedented final result.

We have a passion in accompanying you throughout the complete creation process, giving you a hassle-free journey, making your event a unique extravaganza. Our team is comprised of artists, designers, production experts and planners that are well-versed in traditions and different cultures, ensuring that every clients aura is reflected flawlessly.


Our mission

Our mission is to be the trendsetter of high-profile events by offering a unique level of services to our clients. We want to set industry standards simply by tailoring each event to the desires of our clients.


Our vision

Our vision is to create exclusive and personalized events. Bringing boundless passion and a distinct style to each event, we flawlessly transform the dreams of our clients into lavish celebrations, regardless of scale.

Our values


We make sure that each event is created in authentic and creative approach, blending expertise, design and originality.


Whether it's in our work approach or the creation of the concept, exclusivity is key to make every event purely your own


Luxury is what makes every event turn into an unforgettable experience. This is where we come in.

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